Aperco – The Battle

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להקת הרוק אפרקו מגיעה להופעה חגיגית בבית היוצר, תל אביב!

אפרקו היא להקת רוק קלאסי ישראלית שמשלבת אלמנטים של פרוג עם בסיס חזק של ספייס רוק,

בהשראת הלהקות האגדיות של הסבנטיז עם קמצוץ של טעם מודרני עדכני.

בהופעה ינוגן אלבום הבכורה של הלהקה, שעתיד לצאת בקיץ הקרוב, מתחילתו ועד סופו

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Aperco is a progressive rock band from Tel-Aviv Israel, formed in 2010
Aperco has consistently incorporated prog-rock, hard rock and classical influences into their usually lengthy compositions.

Aperco's music is simple, melodic and catchy, so that anyone can relate to. But, there is a certain musical element of the band's music, that can be only found in the early 70's records.

Aperco was originally formed in 2005 by guitarist/vocalist Tom Maizel and keyboardist Tal Maizel, cousins who shared their love for Pink Floyd's darkened ambience, Mike Oldfield's atmospheric soundscapes and Camel's cheerful melodies. Together they began to write some of the raw material that would evantually see the light of day on Aperco's upcoming debut album: "The Battle"(to be released in the summer of 2015). Tom's appeal towards moody, anthemic epics and Tal's sense of celtic melody lines created a unique, yet to be heard combination of musical sophistication for the masses.

In 2010 Aperco was joined by bassist Yuval Raz, a family relative. Up to that point, Aperco was more of a "Maizel's basement project". When the three spent the next year rehearsing and writing new material, Aperco was ofiicially born. In 2011 Aperco released their first demo entitled "The Harlequin Demo's"; it was obvious where the musical direction was heading to.

In 2011 Aperco began recording their debut album with producer Gidon Ricardo at Muzeex Productions studio. For the drum parts Aperco recruited Dor Adar as a full time member, a long time friend of the band. The music slowly evolved and more instruments were needed to perform it, so was Oded Kaufman called to duty as a keyboard player.

During the past year, Aperco released their first single “Focused” to the radio. The song is played on a daily basis in 88 FM and after 2 months only became the closing theme of the morning program of the channel. In addition, the band received compliments from people in the music industry and bloggers from all over the world.

The second single expected to be released in few days, and also a video clip.

חברי הרכב:

תום מייזל – שירה, גיטרות, חליל צד

טל מייזל – קלידים

יובל רז – בס, שירה

עודד קאופמן – קלידים

דור אדר – תופים

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